Contact lenses

Exams for contact lenses

exams for contact lenses

Once established your eyes´ correctional needs for glasses, you would believe that you could use that information directly to order contact lenses after. That is however not quite so. Generally the powers of contact lenses deviate from the powers for glasses. The deviations increase with the powers.

If there is a need for correcting an astigmatism, frequently that will have to be modified to meet with the actual availability of the contact lenses.

Apart from all that, we need yet another measure that only is relevant in relation to the wear of contacts. That is the establishing of the shape of the eye´s front surface, also referred to as the “Cornea”. It is in fact so that contact lenses come in different shapes to match different shaped eyes. That is why you should not just try those of a friend for a week. A contact lens that is too tightly adapted will immediately feel quite comfortable. Partly for that reason you should always consider contact lenses a highly specialized and individually adapted aid.

For the comfort and safety of your eyes; frequent usage of contact lenses also requires relatively frequent check-ups. Your lens specialist has obligations to keep a conscientious record and with that also comes certain responsibility, helping to ensure your safe usage of contacts. Therefore in most parts of the developed world, sale and distribution of contact lenses is strongly regulated. We are still waiting to see what authorities will possibly do to the completely unregulated market for the many internet based companies. These entities of course do what they can to avoid any obligation imposed on them, and in this way reduce contact lenses to a mere product of commerce.

Note that contact lenses and their treatment generally are very much better today than twenty or even fifteen years ago. So if you are among those who tried contact lenses back in the novelty days, and felt it did not really meet with your expectations; do try again !

Also here our best advice is: Let your optometrist guide you. You will often be positively surprised what possibilities are available.

A check for contacts and a following trial period is free of charge and free of any obligation.

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